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Welcome to Cougar Sims Entertainment!

Cougar Sims Entertainment is a family endeavor. We live to create loving and exhilarating memories as we aspire to produce everything from intimate children's books to global game shows.

Join us if you dare!

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Cool Shorts by Malik

A few short stories that share the heartfelt challenges and the cool fantasies of a young writer.

Written by Malik Sims

Introducing Ollie Tamale

Ollie Tamale is a fun loving kid who spreads joy as he looks for new adventures around his neighborhood. He always seems to be the smallest kid around, but that's okay because he has the biggest heart. Today he is excited about the dance contest at the park.

Written by Oliver Sims Jr

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Malik's short stories produce such great imagery that they're sure to transport our patients past the four walls of the hospital room and right into Malik's world. His description of walking onto the children's unit of the hospital made me chuckle because he describes the overly-smiling faces of kids on the walls and juxtaposes them with the actual patients feeling nowhere near as good, what an astute observation!!

Tracy R.
Child Life Specialist

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Introducing Ollie Tamale

5.0 out of 5 stars A unique story with a positive role model for kids!

I love children's books with unique story lines having somewhat of an unpredictable plot. That's the case with this book. The author uses modern, relevant topics and interests of kids in this story. There are themes of being optimistic, brave, resilient and confident in the story. I find this very helpful when sharing books with my kids. Sometimes kids need a model to know how to live out these virtues, and so positive characters like the main character in this book, fit that need.

Amazon Customer

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Oliver Sims Jr.

Writer, Creative Project Manager, Producer and Super Cool Dad in training...

Oliver believes that art should be rich and thick like gumbo! Oliver was inspired to come from behind the scenes by his creative family who are always creating magical art and stories. Ollie Tamale is loosely based on the life of Little Oliver.

Malik Performs Hamilton!
Operation Flirt Master
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